By Doc Palmere    posted November 18, 2016 is looking for small business owners interested in using the interweb to improve their bottom line... Have more business and make more money. With experience in building sites to promote my business interests for 20 years, I'm interesting in giving back helping others. Being a quick learner and a perseverant problem solver, I have spent thousands of hours studying the Internet, the tools and strategies used to help us share our message. 

     My first websites were in 1996, with simple sites to grow my own business. After being ripped off in 2001 by several hosting companies, I decided to learn all I could to start my own small hosting company. With a double Ph.D in hand, I committed to getting the quivalent of another doctorate in "The Internet." In 2004, my first hosting company rolled out and I have never looked back. In April of 2015, I assisted a family member in creating a high-performing web site to sell a house "for sale by owner." In a few weeks, that site was not only ranked #2 on Google, it had eight of the 20 available spots on the first two pages of Google. With the likes of Zillow, Century21 and others, many people were amazed we could get noticed like that. Many asked what the trick was, but there were no tricks, no black-hat (cheat) strategy... just clarity on what makes a great site and what search engines want to see to rank high.  Beyond the prestiage of getting sites ranked, I found helping people optimize the Internet interesting, enjoyable and even fun. 

     Being successfull on the Internet is part figuring out the puzzle, part good design, part having and knowing how to use tools, and part being very persistent to figure it all out. We are now being approached by small, well-established businesses, to provide a white-glove type service 

to help with all aspects of the Internet for their businesses. With the internet now ever-changing, business owners need help figuring it out, explaining things in simple terms and problem solving complex and often difficult scenarios.   

     If you want to discuss if we can help you, I'd love to visit. We can handle all aspects, explain how things work in simple terms and make "common sense"recommendations for you to consider. We pride ourselves on domain management, web-optimization, search engine rank, YouTube video, reputation services and more. We'll work together and take a long view approach to using the Internet at an affordable price.

      We work with you, then handle all aspects of your internet program from domain registration and domain renewal, to hosting, to optimization and building reputation, getting you ranked and keeping you ranked on the search engines. We do all this using "white hat" or honest strategies, that are both effective and affordable. We do this with skill and honesty, and creating high performing web sites.

Best Regards,

Doc Palmere, Ph.D.